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What is Gateway to the Arts?

Gateway to the Arts is first and foremost an intensive educational program that sets its goals above that of a run-of-the-mill summer camp program. Gateway to the Arts lives to create a program that will empower kids through theater. We will take kids from all different experiences; for some, this may be their first exposure to theater, while others may be seasoned veterans. With their experience as a starting point, we will work to allow students to develop a strong level of comfort in their own bodies which will transcend onto the stage. Our work over the weeks will build into the creation of a final production. Students will begin to recognize how the role of art, theater, and other activities can help them to become better citizens in the ever-changing world around them.




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Student Programs:




Final Production of: TBA in 2020

(Ages 5 - 8) $350.00

These classes teach the basics of musical theater including acting, singing, and dance. The class will meet twice weekly Tuesday and Thursday mornings and culminate in a live performance. Each Child will have an opportunity to participate in this live performance in front of friends and family.

Instructors: Chelsea Jean Smith, Phillip Pallitto, Claire Newell Collins, Kathleen Friedman







Final Production - TBA for 2020

(Ages 9 - 12) $350.00

The Assending Stars Program is designed for a more in-depth theatrical experience for ages 9 - 12.  The Prgramming includes acting, singing and dancing similare to the Rising Stars, but will include a slightly younger age group, so that they will have more of an opportunity to audition for principal roles in their own production.  This group will also work with live musicians and will culminate in a final production.


Instructors: Phillip Pallitto, Chelsea Jean Smith, Claire Newell Collins, Karen Cleighton, Kathleen Friedman




Final Production - TBA for 2020

(Ages 13 - 18) $350.00

The Rising Star Program is designed for a more in-depth theatrical experience. The programming includes acting, singing and dancing similar to the Assending Stars. These classes will meet three times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This program will also incorporate live musicians so the students can interact with another aspect of live performance.

Instructors: Phillip Pallitto, Chelsea Jean Smith, Claire Newell Collins, Karen Cleighton, Kathleen Friedman







(Participation by Audition ONLY) $350.00

There is no age limit for this course, but all students must audition and be accepted for participation

This program is designed for serious teens that are interested in pursuing the performing arts as a profession. The class is designed to prepare students for entrance into College Programs and professional training. More in-depth training regarding storytelling and song interpretation as well as material selection will be a part of this program. Each Student will have one on one training with Broadway professionals. This program will meet Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks. Shooting Stars with Kelly Briggs focuses on the Story of the Song and choosing the proper audition material for each student and helping to put together a binder of songs. There will be a final performance which will be a cabaret/concert featuring all participants.

Instructor: Kelly Briggs, Scott Briner